Advent Caretakers

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to set a new gold standard in non-medical in home care by becoming the leading non-medical in home care agency in your community through providing affordable quality care.

Humble Begins

     Advent Caretakers is an independent family owned and operated non-medical in home care agency located in Orange County, CA. The creation of a caring and affordable in-home care agency came about from my personal experience.

     As a young boy I use to see my grandmother all the time. I remembered my grandmother as loving, caring, hard working and full of energy. My grandmother played with me outside in my makeshift sandbox and pushed me on the swings in the park. Once day when I was a teen my mother once told me that that my grandmother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and isn’t able to do much of what she likes to do. While attending college I decided to live with my grandmother so that I may care for her in her two bedroom house. My college life gave me a flexible schedule to assist my grandmother in her day to day activities. I helped her with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, doctors’ appointments and even taking her to visit her friends. And in that time I grew closer to my grandmother.

     Upon her passing I understood the importance of quality in home care. It is important to be technically skilled in caregiving but it is more important to bring a positive attitude, assistance with a smile and passion to help those in need.  I wanted to take what I’ve learned from my personal experience and pass it on. So I create a non-medical in home agency that is free of corporate tape and more affordable than leading national agencies.

     Advent Caretakers was born in a new light arriving to bring affordable quality care that trains and educates caretakers on compassion. Because our caregivers are much more than an employee i.d. and our patients are treated as family.


Although there are a few ingredients that make a good tasting Arnold Palmer, we have our four ingredients that make up our wonderful core values:


We are honest with one another and with our client’s and their family. We provide full disclosure on all appropriate information and not just that which supports our point of view. We have the courage to do what’s right.



We believe in executing with quality by understanding and responding to our client’s needs preference. We execute by saying what we will do, doing what we say. Strive to produce superior results for our client’s and their family.



Demonstrates confidence, excitement, and energy when caring for our client’s and their family. Maintains focus on the task at hand to succeed in proving quality care. Demonstrates curiosity and learn how to make things happen.



We believe that being kind means that we are direct with good intentions. We will approach each situation with an open mind. We acknowledge and respect other points of views. Our humility keeps us grounded.

Home Care Services

Personal Care

We provide a full range of care for those seniors who want to live in the comfort of their home but find difficulty in their day to day activities and tasks. Our experienced caregivers can assist with personal care such as bathing, dressing, dental hygiene grooming, mobility assistance, incontinent care, and more.

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Homemaker Care

Our caretakers are skilled in proving our clients with the hands on assistance they need within their own home that provide convenience and relief for our clients and their family. Our homemaking care includes; laundry, light housekeeping, kitchen cleaning, cooking and or meal prepration.


Our home companion care service provides emotional support, comradeship, and socialization to improve upon our client’s quality of living. Some home companion care activities include; meal prep, social activities, outdoor activities and more.